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現代アイヌ工芸展「アイヌの魂」がアラスカを巡回中です。昨年秋から年末にかけてアンカレジで開催され、1月26日から3月30日まで フェアバンクスのアラスカ大学博物館、UA Museum of the North で開催されます。


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Museum Special Exhibit: Ainu Ramati - Art and Craft of Northern Japan

January 26, 2008 - March 30, 2008
11 am-5 pm

Location:  UA Museum of the North
Admission:  Free with museum admission
With 90 works of Ainu art and craft, including historic and contemporary clothing, jewelry, ritual implements, wood carvings and weavings, Ainu Ramati offers an intriguing look at the Ainu culture of Northern Japan. The Ainu are a resilient and deeply spiritual people and share some similarities with the indigenous peoples of eastern Siberia and Alaska. Organized by the Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Traditions.
UA Museum of the North
Phone:  (907) 474-7505
Contact Name:  UA Museum of the North
Contact Email:  museum@uaf.edu





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